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12 April 2021

I'm Getting Clicks But No Conversions

So you are getting clicks onto your page but they are not converting to the sale. I see this quite often and there are several things that could be wrong, but first let congratulate you on actually getting traffic to your offer.

Wrong Traffic /Incorrect Targeting

Wrong type of traffic, Wrong type of traffic I hear you say how can it be wrong? Wrong traffic equates to unqualified traffic you may be incorrectly targeting via ads and/ or sending them to a location that is not in line with what they are looking for.

Technical Error

Does the page work properly many webmasters just assume that everything works OK all the time. A rouge update can mess with your site, if in doubt test.


Trust is very important dealing with a website that has no information about who they are or even an address can and will put people off straight away. I personally would never use a website that does not have at least a telephone number and an address.

How to build trust

  • Contact details that are clear and easy to find
  • An about us page
  • Pictures of staff and yourself
  • Reviews
  • Ironclad Guarantees
  • facebook page
  • Linkedin profiles

The Offer

This is the one that's normally the problem, your offer is not a good fit.

Product too expensive

It could be as simple as  your product is more expensive than your competitors, this is especially the case if you resell a commodity product such as washing machines or TV's. Consumers are very price sensitive and will almost always shop for the best deal.

Product too cheap

Sometimes you may be too cheap and this can be as bad as being too expensive as it puts doubt into the customers mind that the product is as good quality as others.

Not enough information

Consumers like to get a feel for a product or service to make sure it right for them not having the specifications of a product can turn people off. Images also fall under information as people like to examine the product so make sure you have good clear images.


Having clear delivery information can increase conversions dramatically if possible allow consumers to select a delivery date that fits around them.


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