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Marketing Your Ecommerce Store 

Ecommerce marketing and selling online. Making sure that your online store is profitable. We have had amazing success with e-commerce improving traffic via e-commerce SEO, search ads and Google shopping.

Eccomerce, when done correctly, is highly profitable. when you have a multichannel approach you activate the compound effect increasing profits and customer retention.

Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO involves making sure your site is not only people friendly but also search engine friendly. Performing in-depth product research and identifying what people are searching in the search engines related to the products that you sell. 

Shopping Ads

Google/Bing shopping, when implemented correctly, is one of the most powerful ways of selling goods online. Webmojo provides a full-service e-commerce solution. We actor for an e-commerce store 

Also known as product listing ads Listing products in the shopping section of Google and Bing. People tend to be at the end of the buying cycle and at the point that they are ready to buy. Google shoppers can be extremely qualified with excellent conversion rates.

All PPC campaigns must be profitable on any of the platforms. We work very closely with you, our client. making sure firstly we know your business almost as well as you and secondly to make sure our ads are running well and making you a profit.

PPC Tracking & Conversion

Webmojo will set up effective tracking looking at not just hard conversion but the soft conversions that we know lead to sales. By taking this data-driven approach we analyse the data or how we say internally "following the numbers" using this data we can see patterns of behaviour and identify which parts of the campaign perform better and get rid of the parts that don't perform or perform badly.

We will develop an effective Google ads strategy looking at the structure of the account to quickly bring it into profit. If you're new to Pay Per Click advertising we can "tippy-toe" into paid advertising by starting with a small budget only increasing the spend as we become more profitable.

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