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freelance PPC Consultant Stevie Morris

My name is Stevie Morris and I'm a Frrelance PPC consultant helping businesses like yours get better results from paid advertising in Google Ads & Bing getting them new customers, sales and most importantly increasing revenue for both B2C and B2B companies.
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Why Stevie Morris for your PPC Consultant

I'vehas been helping businesses in towns and cities across the UK with pay per click advertising for a number of years and has had great success in ecommerce with search ads and Google shopping. Helping service based businesses gain leads from their websites to grow their business the same way as we are able to help you to grow your company.

Maximise Your Conversions & Profit With A PPC

What I Do 

  • Account Creation, Setup, and Management
  • Live Reporting Dashboard
  • Lead tracking via Google Analytics
  • Ongoing Analysis and Optimisation
  • Helping you to identify opportunities

To maximize the return on Google ads you need a professional consultant not only to manage the PPC campaigns themselves but also to work on optimising the whole customer experience. no matter where your customers are I make sure your ads show up and are relevant to them.  Not knowing what you are doing can lead to large amounts of wasted ad spend. Using a specialist for your PPC like myself to increase leads and sales while increasing your return on investment is a wise choice

I have a strong focus on increasing profit using all the tools available in the Google ads platform using the data to make the right choice in improving your returns.

Following the Numbers

Any form of advertising should be guided by data and not an assumption. I set my goals and events to tell a story of how and where your customers are coming from and how they convert. I take a holistic approach looking at the whole sales funnel to detect any issues and rectify any anomalies. 

What Does a PPC Consultant Do

A PPC specialist  will use the experience gained over managing paid ads to optimise your ppc account to perform brilliantly.

How I Work On Your PPC Campaign 

This is not an exhaustive list on everything I do. PPC marketing is a mix of art and science. The art is writing compelling ads and using imagery in display advertising to get the clicks and the sale. The science is in analyzing the data and finding those profitable little nuggets that can turn a good adwords campaign into a fantastically profitable one. 

Competitor Research

Your competitors both locally and nationally are already advertising  with PPC ads in the search engines and other platforms. By analyzing what they are already doing I can see what's working from them and then improve upon it for your advertising. The game is not to reinvent the wheel but to create a better wheel.

Keyword Selection

Keywords and phrases are the backbone of PPC so keyword research is key to a successful paid search campaign. We start out with relevant terms and use the data to narrow down the selection of keywords to the ones that bring in the most qualified prospects 

Channel Selection

The choice of channels is down to what your offering, some lend themselves better to certain products then others. Webmojo tends to focus on Google ads, Google shopping and lead generation so we don't use the social channel (other than retargeting) for example because most of our clients get better return for investment in search.

Writing PPC Ads

Writing the ads is a skill, we want to match the ad with the search terms but also with the landing pages at the same time we are matching the ad to the users intent. We will use different versions of the ads taking advantage of the most appropriate ad types that are offers such as responsive and expanded text ads

Campaign Launch

Once the landing pages have been constructed, the ads a written and the keywords are set up. We then set the bids and the budget and press go to launch the campaign.


During the first few weeks it is crucial that the new ppc campaign is watched closely we are looking for high spending keywords that are not converting, ads that are not being clicked


This is where the magic happens, taking what we have found from monitoring the ads we make changes in keywords, ads copy ,extensions, audances types of ads to improve performance.

Ongoing Improvement

Its not just a single task job, managing a PPC campaign and ads is an ongoing process. It has to be looked at constantly and adjustments made ongoing. By doing this the compound effect comes into play and campaigns perform better over time


Reporting is a very important part of the process.Giving you reports that are meaningfull and can tell you how your investment is paying off

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