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3 September 2020

Googles Being Kind (to its shareholders)

Google has started sending out notifications to its AdWords users that it will stop showing search term data for "low search volume keywords" the ability to optimise ad accounts spend for non relevant search terms is key to having a well functioning Adwords account. But it seems that Google is trying to hide terms from the account managers.

It begs the question, Why Does Google say privacy? I'm not buying it over the last few years we have seen Google trying to get more clicks on less relevant keywords through the close variant match type is this a way to squeeze more money out of advertisers what do you think?

This come soon after the announcement of new charges for advertisers in the UK and Other countries

Excerpt from Searchenginlands report on this change

Google Ads to limit Search Terms reporting, citing privacy

The impact will depend on what "significant" means, but advertisers are likely to lose visibility into at least some of the queries they pay for.

Ginny Marvin on September 2, 2020 at 3:47 pm

Google has begun alerting advertisers that it will soon stop showing search queries that triggered their ads when there is not “significant” data.

“We are updating the search terms report to only include terms that were searched by a significant number of users. As a result, you may see fewer terms in your report going forward,” the notice says.

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