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SEO Consultant for Haddington SEO otherwise known as search engine optimisation the science of making sure your content is seen by the right people when using the search engines. My name is Stevie Morris and I'm SEO specialist helping Haddington based businesses I am a growth specialist helping small to medium sized business to move onto the next stage in there business growth. 

Why Stevie Morris for your SEO Consultant

That's a really good question. I have been involved in SEO, PPC, Web Design & CRO for over 20 years. I have spent the last 5 years managing the online marketing for an appliance retailer taking them from a miner player. to a major force in the kitchen appliance market with them now triple their original size.

How SEO Will Help Your Business

SEO is by far one of the best forms on online marketing grow your business with the help of Stevie Morris SEO Consultant for Haddington

SEO Leads to Better User Experience

User experience walks hand in hand with good SEO. A good user experience includes easy navigation relevant information and images to support the page topic as well as technical aspects to make your site perform well on desktop, tablets and mobile

SEO Is a Primary Source of Leads

Inbound is many times more effective than outbound for all sectors including B2B (business to business) B2C (business to consumer) and for non profit organisations. Inbound includes PPC, Search engine optimisation, Social, Content marketing and others.

SEO Brings Higher Close Rates

Stats show that SEO has a higher close rate when compared to outbound with an avarage close rate of 14.6% compared to 1.7% for outbound. Cold calling leads to a lower conversion rate. source:

SEO Helps You Gain Market Share

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