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28 March 2021

PPC for Beginners Easy PPC Campaign Strategy

PPC or pay per click is the quickest way to get qualified traffic. In this short guide I will be guiding you through the process of setting up your first campaign.
I'm going to assume you already have your Google ads account set up, if not follow this link and get set up. Google ads


So you're just starting out in PPC and you need an easy PPC strategy to get you started on your first campaign. This easy PPC strategy guide is beginner friendly and  will help you get started setting up your first campaign .


Lets start at the beginning, What is the goal? Is it to sell a product , get a lead or something else. Lets define our goal. For the most part,  I work mainly in ecommerce so from my perspective my goal is to sell a product or get a call from someone looking to buy a product.

Setting Up Your first Campaign

Once you have you account set up we need to get our first campaign set up click on the highlighted tab that says campaigns then click on the blue circle with the plus symbol to start setting up your campaign



The ad needs to be specific and match the landing page. If your selling red widgets your ad should target red widgets, mention red widgets and land on a page that's about red widgets.  Not only are you more likely to convert a visitor but if your keywords, ads and landing page match the users intent you will achieve a better quality score and google will reward you with cheaper clicks and more impressions than your competitors

Formula for deciding how much you pay and how may impressions you get

bid x quality score = ad score

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