3 September 2020
Googles Being Kind (to its shareholders)

Google has started sending out notifications to its AdWords users that it will stop showing search term data for "low search volume keywords" the ability to optimise ad accounts spend for non relevant search terms is key to having a well functioning Adwords account. But it seems that Google is trying to hide terms from […]

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1 September 2020
New fees for Google Ads served in the UK and Other Countries

Ive just had this sent to my AdWords account it looks like Google is increasing its prices for the UK market Dear Customer,On 1 November 2020, Google will begin charging new fees for ads served in the United Kingdom, Turkey and Austria.New feesAs of 1 November 2020, we will begin adding a fee to your next invoice […]

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27 August 2020
Why are My Ads Not Converting

So here’s the situation you’re running adds spending lots of money but the conversion rate is in the pan so low that a limbo dancer would find it a challenge to get lower. Why is it happening and most importantly what can you do about it. The first thing you want to check is that […]

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16 August 2020
Keyword Research Basics Where to Begin

I first wrote this article on keyword research back in 2009. Eleven years ago and most of the process is still the same. the Tools may have changed but the basics are still the same, a good grounding in the basics will set you up for the future. I will update this article fully in […]

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5 July 2020
SEO How To Win In Long Term

What Is SEO and How Did It Come About SEO otherwise known as search engine optimisation is the process of making content firstly, easy for search engines to understand and secondly rank well in the aforementioned search engines.  In 2020 the most important thing for making your SEO efforts really successfull is to make it […]

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